Treating Dermatitis For Adults & Children

Dermatitis-Ltd III treatment for dermatitis has never been easier. Our dermatitis treatment Dermatitis-Ltd III is now on its third generation. Dermatitis-Ltd has been on the market for the past 12 years and counting. Many customers have told us that we are the easiest option on the market so far, no more messy, smelly creams to deal with. So, how does one go about using this product?

Well this is the easy part. First wash the affected area with a gentle soap and water. This will help wash away dead skin cells and soften the skin. For the soap we like to use Neutrogena (the transparent facial bar) "dry skin formula - fragrance free" is very good. Also, there is Dove 'Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar. Either one of the soaps can be bought at your local supermarket or pharmacy.

After you have washed the affect area and rinsed off the soap, leave the area wet. Take your Dermatitis-Ltd III disk and glide it over the area for about 2-3 seconds. Dermatitis-Ltd III takes 10 seconds to dry. When Dermatitis-Ltd III is dry you can add jojoba oil to the affect area to keep it moist. One other key factor is to increase you water intake, as we all know the human body can't live without and or skin really needs it.

After you complete your order form, we will provide you with a personal Letter of Instruction, that will give you better details on how to treat your dermatitis.

Symptoms of Dermatitis

What is dermatitis? Dermatitis is a red rash or bumps that itch, dry and look like red patches. Often thy cause a large irritation to the patient making them feel very uncomfortable. Usually the dermatitis is classified as a type of eczema or psoriasis which is red, scaly itchy rash area of skin anywhere on the body. Sometimes the skin becomes severely irritated with cracks and blistering allowing various bacteria to enter resulting in an infection.

Dermatitis-Ltd III can be used for all types Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Eczema related skin conditions.

Causes of Dermatitis

Most types of dermatitis are caused by contact with a substance. The skin usually can preserve itself without injury. The skin usually grows new normal cells for the area that has dermatitis but sometimes need prevention of the irritating substance by gloves or protection with clothing to begin to heal from the irritating problem or allergen.

Usually the itch sensation leads the patient to itching and rubbing and scratching which only irritates the dermatitis even more. The most common areas of the body are the hands, ankles, wrists, forearm and the back of the neck, however, each person is different and the cause of the irritant is different. Sometimes the cause is just dry skin, continual irritation of an allergen.

Type of Dermatitis